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How to help friend


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Hi everyone.


Hoping this message finds you all getting through the lockdown as best you can.


This post isn't actually about me, it's about a friend of mine.


She's been on sertraline for a couple of years & has been taken off of it really quickly (about a week from start to finish) and has now been put onto venlofaxine which she's been on for about a week now.


She's in quite poor mental health, is really struggling with anxiety & mania, and is getting daily visits from her local mental health services, She's struggling to eat and sleep and has been prescribed 10mg of valium, of which she's taking about 5mg, daily to help with the mania & chronic anxiety.


I'm chatting with her every day and sharing my experience of the Olanzapine withdrawal that I went through just over three months ago, in the help that the identifaction might help


Thought I'd reach out to my friends on here, to see if anyone had any guidance or experience, that I could share with her that might help?


Thanks in advance,



Citalopram 20mg 2007 - present

Olanzapine 2.5mg 2007 - 8.5.2020. 1.25mg held for 4 weeks then stopped.

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Hi MindDrift,


It's nice that you want to try to help your friend.  Unfortunately it is very difficult for us to assist a third party.  We only do this in exceptional circumstances.


The best thing would be for your friend to join SA so that we can provide her with information and she can be supported by the SA community.  Her case is complicated because she has switched ADs (from an SSRI to an SNRI) and added a benzo.  I'm glad to see that she has stuck to taking 5mg Valium.  10mg is a hefty dose.


I would also urge caution about you trying to assist her because it can cause you added stress which in turn can cause worsening withdrawal symptoms.

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Hi ChessieCat.


Thanks for your message, good to hear from you!


I suggested that my friend reach out to SA directly. She's not great with tech but have forwarded her the link anyway.


It's been just over three months since I came off of Olanzapine and I'm 95% back to normal now. (Well, as normal as it gets for me anyway! : ) I know that it's different for everyone, but even in my hours of trial & struggle, reaching out to & trying to help others, has always really helped me. Well, as long as it's done healthily, which is something I've (hopefully) learned through the 12 step recovery program, it's always been a help, rather than a hidrance.


All the best. x





Citalopram 20mg 2007 - present

Olanzapine 2.5mg 2007 - 8.5.2020. 1.25mg held for 4 weeks then stopped.

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