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Humanity deserves this

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Have any of you considered that humanity may deserve things like withdrawal syndrome?  Industry is only able to do this to us because people are so arrogant.  They're confident that people in positions of power love us and we should trust them.  They've put no thought into this, but they're confident that they're right and you're wrong if you disagree.  Withdrawal syndrome feels like justice against this crime.  I don't even blame the capitalists.  It makes sense that they would do this.  I blame the peasants for allowing it to happen and for condemning people that try to help them.  I'm pretty sure most of you are still guilty of this, just not specifically regarding withdrawal syndrome.  It doesn't matter how many times people are wrong.  Most people are completely unwilling to ever lean from their mistakes.  For those of you that are still arrogant even after experiencing this.  **** you.

- 2002-2015: Zyprexa (Olanzapine), between 2.5mg to 5mg

- 9/15-2/16: Started a taper that jumped up and down quickly for five months.  Got really sick.  Took Xanax sporadically throughout taper.  Stopping taking Xanax in January 2016.

- 2/14/16: Increased dose to 3.75mg and held for two months, quickly got better at first and then slowly continued to get better after that

- Apr/16: 3.375mg, May/16: 3.03mg, Jun-Jul/16: 2.73mg, Aug-Sept/16: 2.5mg, Oct/16: 2.25mg, Nov/16: 2.03mg, Dec/16-Jan/17: 1.82mg, Feb/17: 1.64mg, Mar/17: 1.48mg, Apr/17: 1.33mg, May-Sept/17: 1.20mg, Oct/17: 1.08mg, Nov/17: 0.97mg, Dec/17: 0.87mg, Jan/17: 0.78mg, Feb/17: 0.71mg, Mar/17: 0.64mg, Apr/17: 0.57mg, May/17: 0.51mg

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