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Court Files Vindicate Detroit Mom In Stand Off With Police: She Had Legal Authority To Stop Daughter’s Drugging


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This is a horrific story about a woman's daughter being snatched from her by CPS because she refused to continue the kid on Risperdal due to her suffering horrific side effects.


When the police came to enforce the CPS order, she allegedly fired a shot and a 12 hour stand off ensued. Not that I condone violence normally but personally, I salute her for trying to protect her kid as so many parents automatically end up intentionally or unintentionally sentencing their kids for life on psych meds.





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Thanks ever so much for this info, Cs. I was shocked to read this whole "SWAT" story the other day. Seriously, it's mind-boggling. And as long as her reaction goes, she was incredibly brave.


Sending SWAT against mum and a child at the time when Wall Street and corps are draining the economy at the full tilt... This system doesn't see...

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