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Support groups/hotlines in North America

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Is anyone aware of a support group or hotline for WD in North America?

2005-2009 Various ADs and maybe some random Ativan, nothing long-term

2009 Started Celexa 10 mg

2012 Symptoms of depression worsened when I quit drinking, started a course of Viibryd (10 mg), Buspar (5 mg), Xanax

2013 Hospitalized, added Lamictal in the hospital (quit Lamictal cold turkey in 2014)

2014 Switched back to Celexa from Viibryd

2015 Quit Buspar cold turkey

2016 Cut down to 5 mg of Celexa (all seemingly without issues)

June-August 2017 tapered off Celexa

October 2017 Hospitalized for insomnia (quit sleeping entirely)

reinstated w/ Trintellix 5mg (stopped in 1/18) and 7.5 mg of Remeron

Feb 2018 only taking about 5 mg of Remeron

Mirtazapine 6/19 3.5 mg  9/25 3.2 mg 2/24/20 2.9 mg 3/20 2.85 mg 6/20 2.5mgs 10/3/20 2.3 mgs supplements 400 mgs magnesium 

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