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Chrjackson: Zoloft/Sertraline - in recovery and just hit 18months

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Hi @David95790 - I am currently on 26months post sertraline and every week that passes I improve. What's ironic is that when I wrote this post almost 9-10months ago I was in a much better place than I had been previously, however the road to recovery is still going. I would say I'm 97% back to normal - sometimes have the odd wave still but they are so shallow i barely notice. I have pretty much no symptoms of withdrawal and live a perfectly happy normal life.


It all feels like a very bad dream and I am so happy that I decided to come off medication, never go back on and get through the tough times. It was worth it to get back to a relative sense of normality. I can laugh, feel happy and cry which I never used to be able to.


Time really does heal - I hope you are also on the road to recovery? while it's long it is worth the journey.

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Hi @Chrjackson,


did you have cognitive issues and if so how are they now?

Citalopram augustus 2020 - 20 mg untill 14 february 2021 quit cold turkey. No alcohol use or other medicine. No surgery.  Only adviced supplements and little bit of vitamine D because of defficieny. 

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