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Its now 2 years since my last dose and i still struggle. One thing i feel is really strange is i start to tremble a lot while i fell to sleep and i sometimes even wake up trembling. I think its nor much visible for others but when i wake up and put my hand in my neck i can feel it. Anyone else Who has that? Iam nervous i get Parkinson. 

Started Venlafaxine around  2007-2008  for around 4,5-5 years 70mg

                                                   ca .2012  Taper as doctors advise 2 weeks skip a day and stop

                                                   7 -8 later months total breakdown after sruggling a lot Hospitalized

                                                   and started on Cipralex.

Taper as doctors advise: Mai 2018  from 20 to 10 mg escitalopram to zero in one Month.



Magnesium citrate 600 mg

Omega 3  2000 mg

vitamin D3 sometimes

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