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Positive neuroemotions?

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Hi SA community, 


As I plan to embark on my taper, I was wondering about positive neuro-emotions during WD. I have read various posts about the terrible negative emotions and symptoms one feels during waves and, then, the return to WD normal or baseline in WD. But I was wondering if during withdrawal or PAWS one also gets a glimmer of the positive neuro-emotions such as joy and love as well (the feelings I miss and would like to not be numb too once off meds)? 


Thank you

All the best

Lexapro/escitalopram ( 20 mg) since 2012 

Tried to taper over four month period-starting May 2020-and crashed in November 2020

Hospitalized November 2020 

11/28/2020 reinstated Lexapro (20 mg) and started 15 mg Remeron and 2.5 olanzapine

1/1/2021 Lexapro 20 mg, Remeron 15 mg, olanzapine 0


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