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AnxiousAngel: Let me introduce myself


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Hello everyone,

I found this site as I was researching about extreme symptoms of what I thought was anxiety being off Sertraline. I am currently in the process of titrating for the 4th time in my 14 years of being on sertraline. The longest I ever lasted of my meds was one month and each time ended with such a severe anxious episode that I immediately started the medication again.


After doing some research I recognize now that I am not the only person experiencing long term hardships while being drug free. I have always been a huge advocate for mental health support and this medication has truly benefitted me, but I do not want to stay a slave to these medications and I finally want to experience a life drug free. I am now 27 and feel confident that my coping skills and everything that I have learned for my own mental health will carry me through life WITHOUT the use of sertraline. 


I am looking for guidance and support from you all as I know that this is going to be a horrendous transition for me due to my past experiences. 


Thank you all ♥️

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Welcome @AnxiousAngel


Your post was moved into your own introduction topic. Each member has their own intro topic where they can ask questions about their specific situation, give updates and get support from others.

Would you mind writing a signature? We ask that all members do this. Here is a guide on how to do it:


How to write a signature


It can be very difficult at times, but I have no doubt that with your attitude you will get through this. If you haven't already seen it, I will link the information about tapering off sertraline that we usually recommend on here, and also information about why we recommend this specific tapering method.


Tips for tapering Zoloft (sertraline)


Why taper by 10% of my dosage?


So that you know what to expect, this topic below gives a good idea. The waves are very good to know about, so that we are mentally prepared for them:


The Windows and Waves Pattern of Stabilization



Below is also a good topic where people discuss how to handle anxiety from these kinds of drugs. You might find some of it useful.


Ways to cope with daily anxiety


We don't recommend a lot of supplements since it can make symptoms worse, but the two that we do recommend are omega 3 and magnesium. Many have found them helpful. If you decide to try any supplements, we recommend to only try one at a time and to start at a low dose. 







It can be a lot of information to take in, so feel free to read things at your own pace. The signature is a good place to start. You mentioned you have started tapering. How are you feeling so far?



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2011-2015: Escitalopram (Cipralex) 20 mg, Voxra 300 mg (quit Voxra in late 2015, no issues)

2016: Started tapering Escitalopram 5 mg at a time, every fourth week

July 24th, 2016: Escitalopram 5 mg

April 2nd, 2017: Quit last dosage (WD worsened a lot)

Ca 6 last months of 2017: Taking Diazepam 15-25 mg irregularly, less than once a month

Ca Dec 2017: Out of Diazepam, i.e free from all prescribed drugs

Now: Still drug free

Supplements: Irregular intake of Omega-3, magnesium, vitamin D.

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