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Risperdalhope: On the road to recovery and almost there.


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Hello guys, just wanna tell my story. Got diagnosed schizophrenia may 2018 and was put on risperidone tablets. Was totally intolerant to it, having muscle stiffness, feeling tired all day. Doc then gave me liquid form and totally wrecked my brain. I lost coordination, couldn't feel my back, zero concentration span, severe depression, akithisia,loss of mental function, no erection,slept all day, loss of movement. Basically hell on. Thought I'd never heal doctor prescribed carbamazepine and benzhexol, and switched me to trifluoperazine. Stiff joints eased a bit but not completely, and there was some mental function restored. After a few months started having severe nightmares and lost ability to sleep, also severe depression and nightmarish intrusive thoughts. My body felt severely discoordinated. Continued for two years till I stumbled on this on the internet:



Basically guys you all have NMS, meaning your dopamine receptors are blocked. Try googling dopamine deficiency symptoms. I think this is the link. So I got off all meds and dropped my stupid doctor and started drinking green tea, caffeinated b-vitamin energy drinks once every two days since august 2020. My body started recovering gradually but painfully slow for me. August - october energy increasing, memory returned and coordination. November - december gradual increase in colour intensity, starting to get pump and store muscle after workout. More recently feeling is returning. I have a slight mood and further increase in colour there is now slight feeling to stimuli. Still 'blah' feeling. Sex drive returning getting sex thoughts but without excitement that makes you want to act on it.

Been working out three times a week two. Still getting intrusive thoughts and slight paranoia, but I think i'm also there guys. Can't be more than a few months from full recovery. Hope this helps!!!


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Welcome, @Risperdalhope


Good to hear you're feeling better. Which drug did you come off recently and how did you go off it?


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