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Tinnitus-New sound added to my current tinnitus since tapering. Anyone else?


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Four years ago during one of my attempts of getting off my AD, I started having tinnitus. It literally threw me into a nervous breakdown. I didn't know what was going on....anyways-fast forward 4 years, I have learned to live with the constant ringing in my ears. 

I started tapering about a month ago. This week I noticed a whistle from time to time when I talk. I have discovered when someone talks (or I do) in a little bit of a higher tone, I hear this annoying whistle in my right ear.

Honestly I am totally okay with it....(because there are others struggling in this world with way worse)... I can....once again....learn to live with it.

It just makes me sad, because when my younger one gets excited her pitch goes way up. And then it sounds like someone is whistling loudly in my ear. And honestly it kindof hurts. I'm really hoping I will get used to it soon....because I want to hear her cute little voice and enjoy it! 

I'm not turning back....so I guess I will have to live with it....I'm still going to keep moving forward with my taper. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this??? It's so weird!!!! 🤪

2005-2017 started on AD for sleep then on and off Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro, and others that I can't remember

2017 Lexapro 10 mg

2018 Jan-Tried getting off lexapro. (within about a 4-6 week period) 

2018 March- Got back on Lexapro 10mg

2018 June Switched to Wellbutrin. (don't remember dosage)

2018 August Switched to Sertraline. 25 mg, 50, 75, then back down to 50 

2019 December...back on Sertraline 25 mg 

2020 January-switched back to Escitalopram 5 mg

2020 March-December Escitalopram 10 mg

2021 Jan-started BMS taper w/2 wk hold (using liquid form)

2021 March 7.97mg

Occasionally .25mg Melatonin (as needed)

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