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AndyPants: My Story with Lexapro


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I appear to have been celebrating a little too soon...I didn't sleep at all again last night. I laid down for two hours, after that I went and read for an hour, after that it was 2am and I decided to take one hydroxyzine and the other half of the melatonin tablet. I felt my body relax, but i didn't sleep and the tension and panic remained..I probably won't try hydroxyzine again since after a few tries it hasn't done anything for me.


I should have taken a lunesta in the night, at least then Im pretty sure I would have gotten at least some sleep.  But I worried about taking it too late at that point and being really out of it in the morning. I'm also really nervous about getting hooked on a heavy duty sleeping drug. I guess I'll take one tonight, just to ensure that I sleep and don't have two nights in a row of no sleep.


After a handful of days of pretty good sleep I really thought this insomnia phase had passed and thought I wouldn't have to worry about it again for a while. I'm trying to have a more positive outlook and not let this bad night get in my head too much, but it's hard. This is the worst.

I don't recall exact dates so I'm kind of approximating on all this:

-May 2012: 10 mg Lexapro/Escitalopram, after a month or two doctor took me up to 20mg.

-Stayed at 20 mg from 2012 to 2020

-July 2020: 10 mg

-November 2020: 5 mg

-February 15 2021: 1/2 a 5mg pill ~2.5 mg

-February 25 2021: 3/4 a 5mg pill ~3.75 mg 

-March 25 2021: 1/2 a 5mg pill ~2.5 mg

-April 17 2021, started experiencing insomnia

-April 20 2021, started liquid Lexapro 2.8, over the course of week and a half taken that up to 3.5

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Sorry! Hopefully it’s just a 1 night thing!

May 2019 started lexapro 2.5 mg

2020 went to every other day

2021 beginning of Mar, tried to stop but had insomnia

Mar 30, 2021 reinstated 1.25 ev other day, WD symptoms, not enough

April 19, 2021 started liquid, .85 mg/day

May 1, 2021 .8 mg/day


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