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retiredtoosoon My success story.....


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HI all of you sufferers from the withdrawal of whatever it WAS that you were on.  The best thing about success is that you will NEVER go back on anything like this again.  There are so many other ways of combatting depression or whatever reason you chose this option of medication.  I personally was given it (without knowing what it was) for menopausal symptoms.  I did not know at the time that there were other things I could have done, but being the very busy MOM, wife, administrative assistant, events coordinator and the primary source for anything happening within my family I just took the prescription, filled it and started taking them.  They initially helped me relax, sleep better and gain 20 lbs over a year or two.  I changed doctors at one point and the first thing he said to me was,,,,"Why the heck are you on EFFEXOR?"  I told him and that I wanted to get off of them, since I had learned a lot about it's side effects and had been on it for almost 4 years at that point. He said, "well, if you are going to wean off of it, do it very very slowly, it's like coming off of Heroin".  That scared the heck out of me, so I began my decent.  Over a year, I went to EMERG hospital 3 times for a PANIC attack, a sedative (one) settled me down for a while, but this journey was one I had to do all by myself, family members just didn't understand what the big deal was,,,,just get off of them.  Honestly, it was one of the most difficult times in my life. Ironically, my older brother had commit suicide in 1986 in his 30's, he was given several trials of antidepressants over a period of a year.  In the 80's very little was known about some of these experimental drugs they were using for depression.  He ended his life just before his 35th birthday.  I firmly believe the drugs played a significant role in his depressed state.  All he really needed was counselling, a good doctor and his family who he wouldn't confide in.   If only I knew then, what I know now.  But, having gone through that with my brother, it made me more aware of the negatives about antidepressants.

I have to say that FOOD, yes Food sensitivities and allergies are a BIG part of how our immune systems handle stress, moods, coping and living happy healthy lives.  To this day, I have discovered so many foods, alcohol, and meds I am literally allergic/sensitive to and have to avoid them.  Please Try everything you can to detox and avoid anything that makes you feel poorly.  So, that's my story and I hope that even if there's ONE person out there that might say.....hmmmmmm, to all of this, I hope that it is some assistance, support or encouragement to help you through this LEARNING stage of your life.  Please Stay healthy and Don't have any vaccines if you can avoid it.  Sorry, just had to throw that in.  God Bless and Keep on fightin. 

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Thanks, @retiredtoosoon


Your Introductions topic is here.


Could you give us a little more background? When did you go off Effexor? How did your withdrawal symptoms change? When did you feel you had turned the corner on recovering from withdrawal?


To complete your record, follow these instructions Please put your drug and withdrawal history in your signature You may need to use a computer to do this.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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Thank you for the share 🫶💕

Sertraline Dec 2018 - 50mg 

Sertraline 09/2021 -  50mg jump  to 25mg ( no WD ) 

Sertraline 04/2022-  jump  to 12.5mg 

Sertraline 2022 - May 1 to June 3rd reduce to ZERO 

JULY 6th 2022 - re-instatement SERTRALINE  2.5 mg 

supplements omega 3  1x daily / magnesium / vit b 

symptoms at zero  - dizziness eye twitching irritable bowels vertigo spells nausea -concentration problems - head pressure

Symtoms since re-in statement

dizzyness eye twitching nausea reduced 75%

+  lack of motivation . Tired . 

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