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Benzo-wise doctors who will assist in benzodiazepine tapering

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ADMIN NOTE Unfortunately, many of the Web sources that existed when this topic was started in 2012 have disappeared. The following are links that appear to be relatively current.


This topic is for doctor referrals only. Please DO NOT request help for your personal tapering schedule in this topic. Your post will be moved elsewhere.


The following could be places to start to find a doctor who has a clue about benzo tapering.


Please note we have no personal knowledge of the quality of care from these sources, except as noted. If you can recommend any additional doctors, please tell us here. (If you can recommend a doctor for tapering of antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs, please post in this topic.)


If you should contact any of the doctors mentioned, please post in this topic about your experience.


From US non-profit Benzodiazepine Information Coalition http://benzoinfo.com/doctors/


List of lists from World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day http://w-bad.org/tapersupport/


From the former Yahoo Benzo Group http://www.benzosupport.org/benzo_wise_doctors.htm


In San Francisco Bay Area https://mydoctorsf.com/benzodiazepine-dependence-treatment/ (I have spoken to Dr. Abramson on the phone and believe him to be sincere and caring.)


Dr. Andrew Purdy, psychiatrist, Park Ridge, IL http://drpundy.com/benzo-addiction/


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