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Ebee12058: trying to decide if should reinstate or forge on with withdrawal


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So, I'm a little confused on kindling. Or, I should say, I'm confused if that is what I experienced. I've read about kindling under Reinstatement. 


I went on & off Lexipro CT between 6 & 8 times from 2004 to 2019. (Incredibly naive & stupid). Every time I would go back on Lexipro, my blunting & Anhedonia was worse. To be clear, I experienced the Anhedonia WHILE TAKING the Lexipro. Not when I stopped. Until by 2019, it was unbearable. So, is this kindling? Was the drug more powerful, & the side effects worse, bc of all the stopping & starting? Would taking a tiny dose possibly avoid or lessen the Anhedonia? I had tapered all the way down to .625mg in Jan 2021, & the Anhedonia was still as strong. I ask bc I want to reinstate, but cannot bear/would really like to avoid the Anhedonia. Or is there another reason people experience this? As always, thank you for your help.



2004-2012 Lexipro 15 mg (CT'd 4 times during this period. Not sure exact dates).

Dec 2014-June 2017 Lexipro 15 mg CT WD agitation, Anhedonia from kindling while taking Feb 2018-Oct 2019 Lexipro 15mg, more severe Anhedonia while taking, CT WD depression May 2020- Sept 2020 Wellbutrin 300mg, OCD, anxiety, while taking, CT, WD anxiety, depression Dec 2020 Wellbutrin 150mg 3 days stop CT WD anxiety, depression, suicidal durations (seemed to stop once drug out system)

Dec 2020 Buspirone 10mg 2.5 weeks, extreme severe Anhedonia while taking, Anhedonia stopped once stopped buspirone, WD cycling anxiety, depression, suicidal ideations Jan 2021 Reinstated Buspirone 5mg 1 month, tapered from 5mg to 1.25mg, experienced severe Anhedonia while taking, WD anxiety, depression, hyperarousal, photophobia, headaches, hyperacusis, early waking.







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On 4/7/2021 at 1:31 PM, Ebee12058 said:

So I'm debating reinstatement of buspirone after 2 months of intense anxiety & depression & extreme sensativity to food. My question is: if I reinstate at a very low dose & wait a week to see if the reinstatement is helping or hurting, do I have to then taper off that dose of say .1mg if I decide the reinstatement is making my symptoms worse?


If you reinstate a med and have a negative symptoms in less than 7 days I stop immediately.

The question is, would a week be enough to know if it was going to help the WD symptoms?

I don't think it would be.


I also question if that is the medication causing the issues or the one to reinstate.


(Sept 2020 Wellbutrin 300mg, OCD, anxiety, while taking, CT, WD anxiety, depression Dec 2020 Wellbutrin 150mg 3 days stop CT WD anxiety, depression, suicidal durations (seemed to stop once drug out system)


After reading more of what you added, it seems you had adverse symptoms to both the Wellbutrin and the Buspirone. 

My question is, why do you think reinstating the Buspirone is the better option, when the Wellbutrin WD is just as likely, for the symptoms?


The last medication we take is not necessarily the reason we are struggling with WD, nor is necessarily the best bet for symptomatic relief by reinstatement.  You took the Buspirone to offset the Wellbutrin symptoms, yes? 


What is your reasoning for choosing the Buspirone over the Wellbutrin, since both were about the same time?



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 Starting ds 2 (12.5 CR'S) = 25 MG PAXIL CR 1/21/15: 1 Pill + 10mg liquid (2 weeks) 2/4: 1 Pill + 9mg Lq (3 weeks) 2/25: 1 Pill + 8 mg lq (1 week) 3/4: 1 Pill + 6 mg lq (2 weeks) 3/18/15 1 Pill + 4 mg lq (2 weeks) 4/1/15 1 Pill + 3 mg lq (2 weeks) 4/14/15 1 Pill + 2 mg lq (2 weeks) 4/29/15 1Pill + 1 mg lq (16 days) 5/15/15 1 12.5 mg Pill ONLY (9 days) 5/24/15 12 mgs liquid (8 days) 6/1/15 11mg lq (12 days) 6/13/15 10 mg.  12/3/15 Drop from 8mg to 7.6 (24 days to) 12/27/15 7.2mgs  8/4/16 6.8mgs,  11/1/16 6.4mgs, 2/5/17 6 mgs  4/3/17 5.6mgs, 4/24/17 5.2mg, 6/13/17 4.8mgs, 9/20/17 4.4mgS, 11/23/17 4 mgs, 1/1/18 3.6 mgs, 2/15/18 3.2 mgs. 4/13/18 2.8mgs, 5/11/18 2.4mgs, 6/10/18 2.0 mgs, 8/4/18 1.6mgs,  9/27/18 1.2mgs, 12/24/18 0.8mg, 3/24/19 0.64 mg,(syringe change issue date?) 4/22/19 0.60 mg, 5/24/19 0.60 mg, 7/7/19 0.52 mgs, 8/4/19 0.44mgs, 11/4/19 0.36mgs, 2/1/20 0.28mgs, 3/1/20 0.24mgs (crash April 6)


Original Wellbutrin Dose: 6 months from 9/14 to 3/2015, 300 XL 3/15/15: Half to 150 XL ( severe symptoms started on day 12) 4/16/15: 125mg   for 20 days to: 5/6/15:   100mg  for  15 days to: 5/21/15    75mg  for  10 days to: 6/1/15:  56.25mg      13 days to: 6/13/15: 37.25mg    7 days to: 6/20/15  28.12mg   14 days to: 7/4/15  18.75mg, 7 days to: 7/11/15; RAISE BACK TO: 28.12 to 8/14/15: 18.75mg  20 days to :9/3/15 : 12.5mg, 8/4/16 9mg 1/9/17: 8.5mg 2/8/17 8mg, 3/9/17: 7.6  4/9/17  7.2  5/27/17 6.4 6/24/17 5.8, 8/1/17 5.0, 8/29/17 4.2mgs, 10/2/17 3.5mgs, 12/28/17 2.5mgs, 2/27/18 1.7mgs,  4/19/18 0.8 mgs, LAST DOSE: 6/11/18:  3 YEARS, 2 MONTHS, 27 DAYS...

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