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nocturnal shouting / vocalisations


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I'm wondering whether anyone has experienced nocturnal vocalisations in withdrawal?  Mine commenced a couple of years ago, together with myoclonic jerking at night.  The jerking has become less intense but the shouting, which can be extremely loud (I now sleep with my windows shut tight) has continued and is often preceded by a strange crawling/ squeezing sensation in my eyeballs.  It is distressing and embarrassing and can happen 30-40 times a night.


Any advice or observations would be most welcome please.  I have become accustomed to this but it is very wearing and difficult and I'd like it to go away!



Lithium 15 years 800mg I remain on this

Many SSRIs intermittently over this period

Tapered and quit Citalopram 2017

Started Quetiapine 100mg and Sertraline 50mg 2018

Stopped Quetiapine due to daytime sedation, 4 week taper 2019

Very slow taper of Sertraline 50mg using liquid over 8 months, finishing in September 2020 on a 4mg dose.  I did not keep a record of the taper but I thought at the time I was doing it slowly and responsibly.  Clearly it was way too fast and too abrupt at the end.  


Currently only on Lithium at 800mg


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