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yango: PSSD problem after 1 year taking ecstasy / MDMA asking for help


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I would like to share my story.


Everything started at 2019 January when started with the party(events). Every week on a party was taking 1 pill of extazy(MDMA).

It lasted around 11 moths. I stopped taking the pills at December 2019. While taking the pills everything was alright my libido was good same as before taking, could have sex there was no problem with my erection.

At 2020 March my problems started. One day i woke up had a litle hedache on the left side of my head and i realize something is wrong my penis wasn't working as usual and my libido was lowered.

It wasn't that bad but every next week it was getting worse. Couldn't have sex without a viagra or thing similar to that, my libido was really low had problems with maintaining an erection, reduced penis sensitivity.

Now is 2021 March and the problem has not gone away. A litle bit better libido but my penis problem is still the same as it was. I support myself by taking ginkgo biloba, gaba, ginseng, maca, L-arginine and some testosterone boosters.

Steaming tea CBD and taking CBG oils. I don't see any improvement at all. My penis is still limp and reduced sensitivity. Some times a woke up and have morning erection like (80-90%) usually after i woke up this happend but not always.

Have night dreams about women. After one ejaculation is really hard for another one, like have to wait all day or more. I don't have depression, haven't taking any SSRI before the Extazy story. There is just a problem with my penis and libido.

Every day I am working on the gym. Some times 1 day in month every thing is all right and then it returns again.


I would like to really kindly ask for any help or advice hot to cure it or fix it, because  trying everything but don't see any improvement.


I really don't how if it is PSSD but the symptons looks like it. Really want to cure it because my psychical energy going down.


For any help I really thanks and appreciate that.

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Hello, @yango.


We have a number of members who have suffered Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD) from serotonergic drugs such as Prozac. MDMA is a serotonergic but I don't think we have any members with post-drug sexual dysfunction from that.


We don't know of any treatments for this. We see it can very gradually go away with other withdrawal symptoms. You may wish to join PSSDforum.org or another site about PSSD to talk to people there.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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