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How do people deal with anger?

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Long story short I was on antidepressants as a young kid but quit when I got older and moved out because I realized the costs for me did not outweigh the benefits. I got my protracted withdrawal and PSSD symptoms after moving back home last year during quarantine because my college sent everyone home. Even though I told my mom I had no interest in resuming antidepressants due to sexual side effects she said I had to get back on the drugs or get out of the house. She told me that she did not care about sexual side effects and they did not matter to her. I even hid the pill bottle in my room and she went in and took it to make me take the drugs in front of her. I feel like she ruined my life and have not been able to find forgiveness yet. Does anyone have any advice?

On and off Fluoxetine 4-5 times since 2010 - on about 6 years off 4 (15-20 mg)

Quit Fluoxetine CT 40 Mg after a week May 2020

Buspirone 10 mg one week July 2020

Mirtazapine 7.5 mg 2 days July 2020


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