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QUESTION about spouse's complete withdrawal from meds

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Iʻm the spouse. My SO is 4 years off lithium because of kidney damage. Now on Lemotrigine. Itʻs been awful. He does not trust Drʻs. Wonʻt see a psychiatrist. And currently a clinical pharmacologist he sees, in his last session tells him there is nothing for him. Iʻm going through a living hell. Iʻm wondering what to expect ʻIFʻ he as he wants to, goes off meds completely. What can I expect. How do I even know if the meds heʻs on are doing anything. When he was on lithium, he really was different than he is now. I actually need to leave, I canʻt live this any more. I really just want to know what is ahead if he is off meds, nothing different? Worse? I just am tired! Really tired. 

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