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Lithium withdrawal Hall of Fame


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We have recently decided to start a lithium withdrawal “hall of fame” in Lithium Withdrawal: Peer to peer support (on Facebook), and are looking for submissions. If you have one and would like to participate please contact me in the group, details below. Submissions can be in written form or by video. Lithium only stories, and poly-tapering stories that include lithium, are both welcome.  Please share your successes with us, and give us the hope and encouragement that we need. Best wishes, Jim Miller, Lithium Withdrawal Group. 



2000 - started taking lithium 800mg

2011 - increase to 1000mg

2015 - resume 800mg 

End Jan 2021 - decrease to 700mg

End feb 2021 - decrease to 675mg

End March 2021 - micro tapering. 660mg 

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