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Exercise inducing withdrawal symptoms

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I know for many exercise causes problems. My pattern seems to be I feel great post exercise (bike ride for 45mins) then later on in the day I develop withdrawal symptoms that deteriorate even worse when I take my usual tapering dose. As exercise increasing serotonin could it be that we are sort of kindling ourselves with natural serotonin rises and drops?, is that possible ?


15yrs on sertraline 50mg. 2018-Valium 2.5mg for 7mths. Feb 2019- CT off Valium. April 2019- reduced Sertraline to 25mg over a week - stabilised at 36mg. Oct 2019- 36mg. Nov 2019- 35.7mg. Dec 2019- 35.4mg. Severe WD sxs so held for 12 months. 1st Feb 21 dropped 35.1mg.  1st March 2021 34.8mg. 1st april 2021- 34.5mg.

wd sxs so  26/4 increased dose back to 34.8mg. Held for 12 days no improvement yet. 

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