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Exercise inducing withdrawal symptoms


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I know for many exercise causes problems. My pattern seems to be I feel great post exercise (bike ride for 45mins) then later on in the day I develop withdrawal symptoms that deteriorate even worse when I take my usual tapering dose. As exercise increasing serotonin could it be that we are sort of kindling ourselves with natural serotonin rises and drops?, is that possible ?


15yrs on sertraline 50mg. 2018-Valium 2.5mg for 7mths. Feb 2019- CT off Valium. April 2019- reduced Sertraline to 25mg over a week!-  stabilised at 36mg. Oct 2019- 36mg. Nov 2019- 35.7mg. Dec 2019- 35.4mg. Severe WD sxs so held for 12 months. 1st Feb 21 dropped 35.1mg.  1st March 2021 34.8mg. 1st april 2021- 34.5mg.

wd sxs so 26/4 increased dose back to 34.8mg- held. 10/21 Gradually increased dose to 35.1mg try ease sxs. 

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Yeah I really miss being in my body and doing rigorous exercise. Now if I do anything strenuous, I feel good right after, but the next day and days after I feel awful. I hate it!!!! The doctors prescribing me these drugs would say to just eat right and exercise to lose weight, weight that I have gain from these drugs which they do not believe.


I use to be a lean fit person, now I have gained weight, and started to have lower back pain. I exercise (lightly and what I can do best) and eat right, but the weight does not budge. I know I just have to get off these poisons for my body to get back to what it was pre med. 



Jan 2012 started 50mg Zoloft for mild depression.        2014 increased Zoloft to 100mg 

2015 poop out of Zoloft. Started  Lexapro. Bad start effects, only a month on it. Then onto Effexor a month, bad start up effects. Then Prozac, had bad start up effects (serotonin syndrome).  Added anti-psychotic Risperadal, too strong, drooling from the mouth. 

2016 on different SSRIs, do not remember, on Effexor for about 1 month, quit cold turkey 2017. Lasted 2 months.

April 2017 back on Zoloft 200mg.    May 2019 switched to Lexapro 30mg.   Oct 2019 switched to Paxil 40mg

September 2020 on Lexapro 20mg and Paxil 9mg. 

December 2020 Lexapro 20mg  Paxil 8.82 (Tapering Paxil first by 2% drops every 4-6 weeks or until I feel stable to decrease)

Jan 2021 Lexapro 20mg Paxil 8.6mg

Mar 2021 Lexapro 18mg Paxil 8.8mg

May 2021 Prozac Bridge Attempt.

June 2021 Successfully eliminated Lexapro. Currently holding @ 8mg Prozac & 8.82mg Paxil. Waiting to adjust, and stabilize, then will proceed to cut Paxil.

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Seems like I have this problem as well, weight training have increased my withdrawal a lot.

Zoloft, November 2019.  I worked up to 50 mg and stayed there until 1 year later. I tapered for 3 months, which should consider to be cold turkey.
Tapering schedule:
Month 1: 37.5 mg

Month 2: 25 mg

Month 3: 12.5 mg

Month 4(Half the month): 6.75 mg
Month 4(Other half): 0 mg December 9, 2020

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