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Any advise please - venlafexine


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Hello all, 

I have suffered for now 3 months to day, I have no appetite, hard to eat, down 26 pounds in 3 months, and terrible insomnia.  I am seeing my doctor today and I am desperate. 

I don't know what she will recommend, all blood work is normal. I never had any problems tapering until January after receiving the COVID vaccine (Pfizer). Not sure if the stress of the vaccine threw me in withdrawal, but the suffering isn't improving. I wish I had never gotten it, but I can't change that. Looking for recommendations for my PCP. Should I attempt the smallest dose of prozac, increase my venlafexine dose, or ask for soemthing to help me sleep. I really need my appetite to return. I am so weak and I must be able to work. 

Effexor 75mg 2007

2014 dropped to 37.5mg per MD. Back to 75mg in 4 days. 

February 2020 began slow taper 7-10% monthly 75mg-12.20.20 23.75mg

1.7.21 22.45mg, 1.28 21.1 mg, Received COVID vaccine Pfizer- had increase heart rate which led to panic attack, nausea, lost appetite.

5 days of severe panic/anxiety after 

1.31.21 increased 22.9mg, 2.25.21 increased 23.25mg, 3.14.21 22.5mg

3.23.21 22.125mg, Had a sudden loss of family member. Loss of appetite, anxiety, nausea 

3.25.21 Increased 22.5mg, 4.8.21 increased 23.625 mg, 4.19.21 increase 24.75 mg

5.1.21 Increased 31mg (had a few good days and felt hungry) 5.15.21 Increased 37.5mg (emotional numbness set in) June 5.21 Increased 43.75mg June 15.21 Increased 50mg 

Since 2007 I have also had alprazolam 0.25mg prescribed, but use infrequently.


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