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Anxiety & withdrawal related central apneas


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Hello all,

Wondering if anyone can provide some guidance advice on an issue I have been experiencing.


Prior to starting my taper, I had occasional central apnea’s where I would stop automatically breathing right as I was falling asleep.  I would then take a breath and resume trying to fall asleep.  Sometimes I’d have a few more before ultimately falling asleep and other times none.  My GP, who does not and has not prescribed any psych meds to me, believes it is likely my anxiety and that seems to have been proven during my taper.  On days and weeks after a drop I have experienced sometimes 5-6 instances of central apnea’s before falling asleep.  On good weeks when everything feels stable or I am in a good window, none whatsoever.  Last night I had a bunch and they are of course very scary.  

Anyone have this experience? Either taper related or not and any suggestions, words of encouragement or tips? 

As an aside, but to confirm, I do not believe these are obstructive apneas, but I have never had a sleep study done.  They seem to follow the symptoms and experiences of central apneas.  


Multiple drugs for my teen years.  ~10 years on Pristiq 100mg.  
January 2021: 50mg Pristiq to 43.75. Stopped Viibryd at 10mg

March 2021: holding at 37.5mg.
April 2021: 25mg.  May 2021: 18.75 to 12.5.  
June 2021: 12.5 to (accidentally) 4.29mg.  Updose to 6mg using compounded Pristiq

August 2020: Crashed at day 35 of 5mg. Updose to 6mg

September 2020: 5.5mg from 6 after 38 days

10/2021: 5mg, 11/2021: 4.5mg, 12/21:4mg, 3/22:3.75mg, Propranolol 10mg prn

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