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Should I be taking Vitamins? Especially B vitamins?

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I’m 4 months off escitlopram and have been having a very very bad time regarding brain fog, anhedonia, emotion loss, blank head, loss of sex drive. 

I’m wondering if it’s a good thing if I take fish oil, vitamin D3, probiotic and a B complex? I know they probably won’t make much of a difference in feeling ‘better’ but they can’t do harm can they??


I have the mthfr gene which means I lack B vitamins or something I think.

2014 Duloxetine, took for a couple of weeks and stopped was aged 17 at the time CT brain zaps etc. 

2017 Lexapro 5mg, hard to remember but i took this for a couple months ago for social anxiety. Stopped CT, brain zaps etc. 


2020  oct-dec, Escitalopram, 5mg took for a total of 2.7 months including taper, tapered for a couple weeks. 

still not right. Emotional blunting, brain fog, anhedonia, PSSD, blank mind, cognitive issues. 


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