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Wave after a year

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Hi, so I officially got off sertraline a little over two years ago now. Typical story, I don't want to go too into detail with the beginning. Anyway, long story short, after about three to four months off, I started to have windows. They got increasingly better over time, and my baseline of what I would consider a wave or bad continuously got better. The past few days though, I felt as if I have crashed back to a baseline I can't recall having been at in quite sometime. Maybe somewhere around the mark of a little over a year ago. It's been jarring and concerning, the level of disconnect I have is more pronounced. By disconnect I mean lack of feelings and able to be in tune with them. The depersonalization is back, at least at a noticeable level. I started having trouble finding the words to say again and write things out. My twitching/tardive dyskinesia suddenly got worse after having it very little in the past couple of months. I could go on. 


I've been in a really stressful situation the past week, also lack of sleep and not eating well. Did this potentially set me back? I also wondered if maybe my regular usage of zzzquil could be a culprit, so I quit it three days ago. Has anyone else experienced this, encountering a random wave after a very long time frame of getting better? My waves more or less disappeared over a year ago and I was always either stable or very, very, *very* gradually getting better, so this is concerning me. If you've been here, what helped you cope and how long did it take to get to another window? I just feel odd and worried since I haven't been in this mental state in a long while..

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