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Increased Impulsivity?

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Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and/or if its accountable to withdrawal. I've always been quite an impulsive person but it feel like during WD this has increased substantially. I find myself making more impulsive decisions and generally caring less about the consequences.


Started Lexapro 5mg Mid March 2020


Increased to 10mg April 2020

Increased to 15mg June 2020

Decreased back down to 10mg July 2020

Decreased down to 5mg August 2020

Came off Completely September 2020


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Yes! Definitely was a major symptom for me whilst on Lexapro. I actually ended up getting in to a lot of debt with impulsive online shopping. Dr Peter Breggin talks about this as a common symptom in his books. 

Current...Drug free since September 2018

December 2007 30mg Lexapro and a benzodiazepine December 2008 25mg, December 2009 20mg, December 2010 15mg Lexapro, December 2011 10mg Lexapro. Long hold as I felt happy with the dose and saw no need at the time to reduce further. September 2015 dropped to 5mg. Terrible anxiety started two months later. June 2016 dropped to 3mg and terrible obsessive thoughts and anxiety so ten days later I reinstated back to 5mg. October 2016 dropped to 4mg. April 2017 dropped to 3mg. September 2017 dropped to 2mg. Terrible obsessive thoughts. Anxiety through the roof. OCD.  September 2018 quit cold turkey 2mg Lexapro. March 2019 feeling better than I have in years. 

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