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Anxiety causing lots of nausea?

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Hi guys, not sure if anyone has experienced anything like this before. basically approx 6 years ago, i started very randomly with nausea quite constant and gurgling tummy etc. What followed was lots of tests and things to try that i thought would help such as: stool tests for inflammation, h-pylori, blood tests, endoscopy, colonoscopy, hida scan, lactose free diet, gluten free diet, fodmap diet, peppermint, ginger, anti nausea tablets from the doctor. nothing worked. the gastro discharged me with a diagnosis of ongoing IBS which i've had for approx 12 years anyway. I got depressed from feeling poorly all the time, so i was put on antidepressants, within weeks my nausea had gone. So me and my partner thought, it must have been anxiety? eventhough at the time, i didnt feel particularly anxious i dont think?! anyway, it didnt come back until i had a short break from AD's a few years back, so i went back on the AD's and it stopped again. Now i've been off my AD's for 8 weeks and its returned again. 


Anyone else suffered similar? Obviously i'm massively swaying to it being anxiety related due to the relief the antidepressants give me from it. I completely stumbled across the 'cure' by accident due to feeling depressed and needing antidepressants all those years ago. very strange. 



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