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I think we all in this website need to take a moment to just feel a deep sense of gratitude. 


A type of gratitude that I doubt can be found elsewhere on this planet.


It sounds contrary to what you'd expect - we are here because we have been lied to and injured by the mainstream medical establishment.


How can you be grateful for that?


The thing is... we have found the truth. We are an extremely small group compared to the millions that take these drugs and would never doubt anything their doctor says.


Through the works of Altostrata and everyone else that makes this community the blessing of infinite light that it truly is, we have been saved from a lifetime of lies - or at least the rest of our lives has been saved. That is an enormous thing. I am forever grateful to have clicked the Google link that led me here. 


Even though I wish I had found this website sooner and had never allowed myself to be poisoned, I know just how common it is for people to go their entire lives on polypharmacy without even questioning it's efficacy, methods, theories or all the things we know that are just plain BS.


It took me quite a while to understand that the hell I was thrown into was due to a psychiatric drug. And once I understood it logically... it took me an even longer time to truly accept it. It is so hard to accept that you have been deceived and poisoned. 


But acceptance is one of the first steps for healing. And I think gratitude for the proper information is another important one.


So, even if you are going through literal hell right now, try to take a moment to let this sense of gratitude permeate in you. In a very important way, you have been saved from a lifetime of false beliefs and suffering.


July 2015 - Started Escitalopram 10mg (Lexapro) at age 15. Took it everyday until July 2020 (5 Years)

July 2020 - Turned 21 started tapering off until August (TOO FAST TAPER/ ALMOST SAME AS COLD TURKEY)

August 2020 -  Clear Manic episode (nothing absurd or life threatening)

September 2020 - Start feeling a bit weird

October 2020 - Crashed. The absolute worst time of my life. 

Late October 2020 - Reinstated Escitalopram 10mg. Perscribed Antipsychotics (Lithium, Seroquel) REFUSED

Early November 2020 - Psychiatrist wrongly upped the dosage to 15mg. Still taking 15mg / day as of today. 


22 January 2021: 

Beginning to stabilize on 15mg/day Escitalopram (Lexapro) 🧠

Taking 25mg Magnesium Citrate 4x per day / 2000mg Vitamin C Prolonged Release + Kiwis + Fresh Fruit / Salmon everyday for Omega3 Fatty Acids

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Just what I needed to read today, great post👍

Prescribed Paxil 20 mg year 2000 for panic attacks.

Many attempts through out the years to quit.

2019 tapered from 20 mg to 10 mg. Got stuck there, decided to bridge with Fluoxetine. 
2020 March off Fluoxetine 

2020 Oct- nov started deteriorating, followed by severe crash. 2021 Reinstated fluoxetine by small amount, until I reach 9 mg

Tapering 10% every 4-6 weeks and longer holds if necessary 

12/5 2021- 8.5 21/5 8.0 15/6 7.5 20/6 7.2 changed to liquid tapering 10/7  7.0  19/7 6.5 20/8 5.8 20/9 5.2

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Beautiful @Yesyes123. Gratitude and Acceptance are great spiritual healing powers. I think it is also important for us to stay positive that we will heal!


Our inner attitude and positive beliefs are very important to stay on the path of healing


And yes I am grateful too! Grateful for the initiative of Altostrata and grateful for the great help of all moderators and other people that support the members and each other.  



1993    Anafranil (Clomipramine) for a few months. Later in 1993 Paxil for a few months 1993- 2006      No medication

2006   Effexor, Cymbalta, some Benzo’s. All for short periods. Later in 2006 Lexapro (escitalopram) 10 mg and shortly after Wellbutrin XR 150mg, against side effects Lexapro 

Since 2006 until end of 2015: Several times on and off Lexapro and Wellbutrin and several slight dosage changes. Mostly taken dosages: 5mg Lexapro and 150mg Wellbutrin

2016  Dosage change Lexapro from 5mg to 2,5 mg. Wellbutrin stayed om 150mg

November 2016 – April 2017 Down from 2,5mg to 0,6mg Lexapro (in steps) without much problems. Wellbutrin down from 150mg to 66mg. Also without much problems.

April 2017 – March 2019       Lexapro 0,6 mg        April 2017 - August 2018       Wellbutrin in small steps down from 66mg in to 37,5 mg . Quite heavy WD after each step.

March 2019 – May 2019 Lexapro down from 0,6 to 0,3mg then Prozac to 0,6 mg switch because severe discontinuation effects (may also have been from Wellbutrin..)    

Wellbutrin down from 37,5mg to 35,3mg 

October 2019        Seroquel 12,5 mg for 4 weeks because of extreme sleeping problems, then weaning off in 2 weeks       Prozac up dosage to 1,2 mg

March 2020     Wellbutrin in 2 steps down from 35,3mg to 33,3mg   Extreme withdrawal affects during 8 months. Stopped tapering Wellbutrin  until total off Prozac. February 2020 – November 2020   Prozac down in steps from 1,2mg to 0,57mg. 

Jan 2021 Prozac down to:  0,55> 0,53>0,51mg,   Feb 0,47mg ,  Mar 0,42mg,   Apr 0,37, longer hold because of WD symptoms July 0,36 and hold again


Supplements: Fish Oil (3000mg), Magnesium 100 mg, 2 drops of Lavender Oil when feeling anxiety. 50mg of L-Theanine when severe discontinuation effects caused by Wellbutrin


Please note this is NOT a medical advice. Discuss all your medical issues with a doctor who understands psychical drugs and really knows how to withdraw from them. I wish that you will find one.

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