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Family won’t believe me

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Hi all I need some assistance, I am 19 years old and have been struggling with withdrawl for the past 3 months now, on the medication I suffered from anhedonia and brain fog/memory issues, and now being off of them I am still suffering from a whole plethora of symptoms. My family can’t seem to understand that withdrawl is a very real and exhausting thing, they think I am over exaggerating it and being lazy. I was told by a family member to grow a pair of nuts. Which is beyond annoying considering how terrible I feel, but guess that’s just the ignorance and lack of empathy some people have. How should I go about getting it through to them, I have showed them so many resources but they can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls.


2019-2020 Zoloft 200mg and Wellbutrin 150mg fast tapered off. 
2020  20mg Lexapro for 8 months, tapered to 15mg then 10mg then 5mg then 2.5 and then every other day. Fast tapered off of Lexapro.

-poor cognition-uneasy feeling -burning brain -people startle me -can’t read facial expressions-Brain fog-can’t detect emotion -can’t hear voice intonations -so many more

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Hello @username001,


maybe you can show your family this official leaflet for patients by the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists.


Two Prof. (including the immediate past president of this professional association) contributed to create it.


It acknowledges a lot of severe, longlasting withdrawal symptomes and advices slow tapering.








2021 IMPORTANT WITHDRAWAL SURVEY, PLEASE PARTICIPATE: https://uelpsych.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0AR9IsQ61jsiXBk

2021 IMPORTANT WITHDRAWAL SURVEY, PLEASE PARTICIPATE: https://uelpsych.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0AR9IsQ61jsiXBk


non-native speaker of english

3-March 2020: started Mirtazapine 15mg
3-March to 6-april aprx cutting to 0 mg
6-April to 20-April -> ~ 7,5 mg,

21-April to 31-April -> 15 mg,

1-May to 13-May -> ~ 10 mg (approx),

15-May to 19-July -> 15 mg (psychosomatic clinic)
started taper with scale and file: 19-July 2020 -> 14 mg (-6,6%), 08-August -> 12 mg (-14,3 %), 27-August -> 10 mg (-16,6 %), 15-September -> 8 mg (-20 %, bad idea, heavy WD) 23-September -> 10.2 mg (+20 %, 102 mgpw), 2021: 12-April to 12-May crossover from solid pill to DIY liquid, still 10,2 mg


Supplements: 2 x 250 mg magnesiumbiglycinate daily, low histamin diet

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Hello. I had this problem also. When my s/o read the New York Times Article 'How to Quit Antidepressants' he seemed to finally get it. Try to get your family to read this article. There are other articles out there. I hope this helps them understand. Marie.

10/13--10/14 Ambien. Started tapering 1/14  Jumped 10/14.  Done.                                                                              

3/14        7.5 Remeron  still taking this.                              

2/14         75 Trazodone   -    Tapered by dry cutting all the way down.

1/16        4 mg Trazodone  -  Jumped. Bad mistake. Got hit with late withdrawal 6 weeks later. Had to reinstate.

4/16        Reinstated 1 mg, updose to 2 mg Trazodone

2/19        .04 Trazodone. Walked off.  Done.

10/3/19  Started 7.5 Mirtazapine taper cut to .073 gram weight, pill weighs .076

4/5/20    New Mirtazapine Taper - Compound Liquid 7.35 mg April '20, 7.25 mg May, 7.05 mg June, 6.99 mg June, 6.78 mg July, 6.57 mg Aug, Sept 6.35 mg, Sept 6.24 mg, Sept 6.21 mg, Oct 5.99 mg, Oct 5.90 mg, Oct 5.70 mg.

1/11/21 6.05 mg Messed up taper due to syringe change. Must remember the 1 ml syringe contains 1.5mg! 1/16/21 5.99 mg

2/21 5.75 mg, 3/21 5.6 mg, 4/7 5.45, 4/14 5.30, 5/12 5.15, 5/25/21 4.99 mg, 6/29 4.87 mg, 7/14/21 4.74 mg.


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