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Aropax swap to Venlaxafine and feel horrible

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Hi, as I feel awful with anxiety and sometimes depression, can some=one tell me does venlaxafine Ca 150mg x 1 tablet per day, (Enlafax150mg),equal to aropax 20mg 30 mgs per day?  I have the option of upping it by another Venlaxafine Ca 37.5XR (ENL) x 1 tab per day. What are the side effects, ( I tired it once and got restless legs that night, but there have been so many drug changes in what seems a quick amount of time). The doctor says the aropax is out of my system and the venlaxafine will have settled in. But I'm barely managing.

p.s I had to go off the aropax as it was coming from a company called 'Apotex' in Canada who pulled all their dugs out of New Zealand. So My doctor gave me "equivalent" that now comes from a company called milan in America. It's not the same tablet somehow. We had a TV breakfst show talking about concerns with this swap and apart from hearing about others having a bad reaction, I felt suicidal. I ended up in the mental health ward where they tried a few drugs on me.

my list of drugs now that I can't take is prozac, quitiapin, or aripiprazole, or mirtazapine.

I can't work and am barely managing to shower and make myself eat (loosing weight even though trying not to). I take 2 tabs of diazapam (valium 5 mgs in the morning and the same at night and have Lorazapam tablets 1mg (ATI) that I can take 1 or two when needed up to 6 a day. I've taken 2 day.

20 yrs on 60mg per day paroxitine(paxil)then:

last 3 years tapering now on 30 mg per day

2-12 April/18 Unsuccessful taper by sliver off tabs. Aborted taper and stabilised

My tablets are Paroxitine/Paxil Tables 20mg(APO) and the writing on the back of the foil sheet says:  Apo-paroxitine 20mg (as hydrochloride)(B)NA3817

Reminder to myself: We recommend reductions at monthly intervals to give the nervous system a good 3 weeks to settle down between cuts. To save wear and tear on your nervous system, after a taper stay at that level for a month to see if withdrawal symptoms develop.

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