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Prof. David Healy + Medicating Normal - PSSD - June 9, 2021, Facebook Live

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Join David Healy, MD and Angela Peacock, MSW from the Medicating Normal team as they discuss medical groupthink and why the mental health industry does not believe the patients who have been harmed by it. They will also have a frank conversation about the sexual side effects from psychiatric drugs.
David Healy is a Professor of Psychiatry in the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton Canada. He has been raising concerns about withdrawal from antidepressants and suicide and other behavioural problems especially in children since the mid-1990s and was an expert witness in a successful legal case about withdrawal and dependence in 2004 and in regulatory hearings about suicide in younger people at the same time. He figures we have made little or no progress sorting these issues out and now have several major public health crises on our hands.
David Healy, MD is the author of twenty books to include Shipwreck of the Singular: Healthcare’s Castaways, Children of the Cure: Missing Data, Lost Lives and Antidepressants, and Pharmageddon among others. He is also the founder of RxISK.org, a website dedicated to educating and empowering patients to have better conversations about their meds with their doctors and to collect data on the unintended consequences of prescription medications so that we can draw attention to them.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/210304034256922/

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This is a must watch video for all of us. It's just incredible watching a doctor speak about things we talk about here. I've never met him but I feel now he is a friend. Thanks Dr. Healy.



10/13--10/14 Ambien. Started tapering 1/14  Jumped 10/14.  Done.                                                                              

3/14        7.5 Remeron  still taking this.                              

2/14         75 Trazodone   -    Tapered by dry cutting all the way down.

1/16        4 mg Trazodone  -  Jumped. Bad mistake. Got hit with late withdrawal 6 weeks later. Had to reinstate.

4/16        Reinstated 1 mg, updose to 2 mg Trazodone

2/19        .04 Trazodone. Walked off.  Done.

10/3/19  Started 7.5 Mirtazapine taper cut to .073 gram weight, pill weighs .076

4/5/20    New Mirtazapine Taper - Compound Liquid 7.35 mg April '20, 7.25 mg May, 7.05 mg June, 6.99 mg June, 6.78 mg July, 6.57 mg Aug, Sept 6.35 mg, Sept 6.24 mg, Sept 6.21 mg, Oct 5.99 mg, Oct 5.90 mg, Oct 5.70 mg.

1/11/21 6.05 mg Messed up taper due to syringe change. Must remember the 1 ml syringe contains 1.5mg! 1/16/21 5.99 mg

2/21 5.75 mg, 3/21 5.6 mg, 4/7 5.45, 4/14 5.30, 5/12 5.15, 5/25/21 4.99 mg, 6/29 4.87 mg, 7/14/21 4.74 mg, 8/5 4.62 mg 8/17 4.5 mg, 8/30 4.38 mg,9/16 4.26 mg.


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