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Doctors who understand withdrawal


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Can anyone provide names of doctors who understand or at least believe in extended withdrawal? 


I understand that there isn’t much doctors can do, but I would feel more reassured if I had a medical professional to at least check in with during this process, someone to help me decide if I should reinstate the drug or if things got worse. 

Dose: 10mg Lexapro (4.5 years, including taper); Taper: Oct 25, 2020: dropped down to 9mg

Nov 22, 2020: 8mg

Dec 22, 2020: 7mg

Jan 4, 2021: 6mg

Jan 17, 2021: 5mg

Feb 14, 2021: 3.65mg (approximately -- was cutting a 10mg pill)

March 14, 2021: 2.5 mg (approx.)

April 10, 2021: 1.25 mg (approx.)

May 10, 2021: 0mg

Taper was easy; weepiness and depression during withdrawal; 6 weeks out from withdrawal, intense restlessness and intolerable tightness in body



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If you go to the top of this page there's a magnifying glass click on that and type doctors in the search bar. There's a whole thread on it 


All the best to you. 

Lexapro 10MG

Almost continually for 25 odd years 

Reduced to 5MG beginning July 2018-  end August 2018

August 2018 til now off completely 





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