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Everything feels/looks darker?


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One thing i've found particularly unpleasant about W/D is how dark everything looks and feels particularly at night.


If i am out and about on a sunny day it isn't as bad for obvious reasons. But at night time, particularly in my home, everything looks and feels very cold, dark a weird.


I was wondering if other people experience this? Its like the world has lost its warmth.

Started Lexapro 5mg Mid March 2020

Came off Completely September 2020

Hospitalised september 2021

Slowly worked up to 50mg lamictal and 60mg Prozac

reduced to 20mg Prozac September 2021

Holding 20mg Prozac and 50mg Lamictal for a good while to stabilise. November 2021

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I have felt this. It's possible what you are describing is a sort of depersonalization/derealization. This could be a sort of trauma response -- from the changes in your CNS and all you've been going through internally as well as the state of the world right now. I notice you began taking Lexapro in mid-March 2020, when a lot of changing around the world. We're still in those changes now and after so long, our resilience has worn down.


I've experienced it as a side effect of ADs, but also when I've been depressed or anxious (even before I took ADs at all). For me, it's a sign that I need to take better care of myself -- better sleep hygine, avoiding triggers, reaching out to others. 



AD since ~2000, 10 mg Lexapro since ~2003 Jan. 2021 - upped to 20mg Lexapro


Early June 2021 - added 5mg of Buspar twice a day and started quick taper to 10mg


July 11 - 10mg of Lexapro, 5mg x2 of Buspar - July 17 - bad crash


August 6 - reinstated at 15mg of Lexapro; holding steady with this and 5mg x2 of Buspar before attempting another taper 


Sept. 26 - replaced the 15mg of Lexapro with 10mg/5mL of liquid Celexa. Continuing with 5mg x 2 of Buspar. Bad idea!


Oct. 2 - back to 15mg Lexapro/5mg x2 of Buspar


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