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Guys hello this is me again !

After 1 year of not taking the meds I'm pretty slightly better then when i was on meds but guys 3 days ago i faced a situation i was joking with my friends and they laughed on something i did and its hurt me and i was feeling like heavy feeling in my chest and its come and go and yesterday day it increased and it bothering me right now and its increased when I'm moving but not when i take deep breaths so is it from anxiety or what!!! And what should i do. and ANOTHER THING  how to reduce the ringing sensation in my ears? pls guys help!

Every single drug ... changing thru 1 year till 

Ecitalopram the one that worked for me before .....2018

Zoloft 50 2019

Prozac 2020

5 months without any drug 

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