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Before you start a topic in Journals....

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This forum is a resource center for primary research about withdrawal, withdrawal syndrome, adverse effects, epidemiology, etc. regarding psychiatric drugs.

Primary research means the studies themselves, containing study design, data gathered, and conclusions, and usually an abstract.

Articles about a study that might appear in media such as news networks, magazines, blogs, and other forums are usually secondary sources and should be posted in the Media forum.

Topics in the Journals forum follow a fairly strict format so researchers will be able to retrieve the information stored here.

TIP: Post an article in the requested format (described below) by copying the ENTIRE abstract from PubMed. You can copy the topic title, citation source, title of paper, authors, and abstract and post in one fell copy-and-paste.
(Abstracts are in the public domain and may be quoted in their entirety.)

Please follow this format in starting a new topic:



First author, year, and topic title: Year of publication, name of first author, title of study Example: Morescu, 2012 Brain scans from mouse studies in depression.


In the post window

  • Comments: If you wish, introduce the study with your own comments or interpretation of the study.
    Example: This depression study on mice is another example of how useless this kind of research is. Who can tell what emotion the mice are feeling?
  • Citation source: Name of journal, date of publication, pages of journal, etc. (usually in abbreviated form from the abstract -- you can copy and paste the abstract from Pubmed).
    Example: Prim Care Companion CNS Disord. 2012;14(1). pii: PCC.11br01218. Epub 2012 Feb 16.
  • Title of paper: Full title of the paper, in bold.
    Example: What is the difference between dependence and withdrawal reactions? A comparison of benzodiazepines and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
  • Authors: All authors of the paper.
    Example: Renoir T, Pang TY, Lanfumey L.
  • Links: Include the full URL to the abstract and a link to full text, if freely available
  • Abstract: If possible, include the ENTIRE abstract, preferably from PubMed. (Abstracts are in the public domain and may be quoted in their entirety.)
  • Selections from the paper: If you wish, post selections (not the entire paper) to conform to fair use and respect copyright. Use ellipses (....) to indicate where you left out material.

Thank you.

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