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Mania/insomnia after taking certain supplements?


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Hi there,


I’ve been going through a really difficult stretch of insomnia. I’ve dealt with severe in insomnia for decades, but this one included severe nighttime reflux. My doctor wanted to put me on a PPI, but I said screw that and started taking HCl + pepsin + other enzymes + ox bile, along with the herbal formula Ban Xia Hou Po Tang, and after a couple weeks, the reflux has almost entirely abated.


However, two nightw ago I had episode similar to ones I’ve had in the past, where I get really manic at night and don’t sleep at all. It's distinct from my typical, more run-of-the-mill insomnia, because in this case, I’m absolutely flying, surging with energy, euphoric. In the past, I’ve traced it back to certain supplements I was taking, especially adaptogens (at various times: ginseng, codonopsis, eleuthero, ashwagandha), but also B vitamins and vitamin D. This time around, it was due to either a “buffered” Vitamin C I had just started, or melatonin (which I'd been taking for a week), or valerian (which I'd been taking for a few nights). Or a combination of these.


Does anyone else get mania and insomnia from supplements that typically sedate (or at least calm) other people? People extol the effects of adaptogens, but without exception they cause me anxiety, mania, insomnia. And the B/D/C vitamins seem to have a similar effect. It feels as if I can’t properly process these substances—like they get stuck in a liver detox pathway or something, and their stuckness gums up the works and I go craycray. I was looking for help with a difficult sleep pattern, but wound up much worse than before. I ended up taking a benzo last night just to knock me out, and to try to reset my system. If I hadn't, I think I would've been up all night again.


I take daily celexa (10mg). I tried to go off (too quickly) last year, which ended up being truly horrible, so I’m back on. I’ll taper eventually. I also take magnesium and fish oil. And I mess around with trazodone for sleep (not a good habit, I know).


Thanks for any insights!

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