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Anagirl tapering off trazadone, sleep, and anxiety. Still on clonazapam and prozac


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3 nights of no sleep and sudden severe anxiety landed me on trazadone, clonazapam, Remeron since mid March. Worked for sleep for about two months, tremors continued and memory concentration losses became worse every month. Muscle weakness. Got off Remeron, weaning slowly off trazadone. On 2 mg clonazapam and 60 mg trazadone. Want support for sleep, anxiety, and withdrawal and discontinuation syndrome. Constipation led me to miralax and omeprazole for gerd. Have lost 12 pounds to 99 now. Want hope and support. This is illness not who I am. I can do this but not alone.

March 2021 started 1 mg clonazapam. 100 mg of trazadone, 7.5 mirtazapine added shortly after. All taken at bed. Clonazapam pooped out in June or July, 2nd milligram added , along with third trazadone. Can’t remember dates. First tapered off mirtazapine, no problem. When I started the second clonazapam thought it might be good time to start reducing trazadone. Now down to 50 mg. Don’t know what’s withdrawal or side effects. Started morning dose of Prozac July 16, at 10 mg. Last week 20 was added to reduce anxiety. Honestly don’t know what’s withdrawal or drug interactions or side effects.

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Welcome, @Anagirl


What are the symptoms you associate with withdrawal syndrome? When did they start? Are they worse at any particular times of day?


How often do you take clonazepam? What times o'clock do you take ALL of your drugs, with their dosages?


To help us out, follow these instructions Please summarize your drug and withdrawal history in your signature You may need to use a computer to do this.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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