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Hypnosis For Anxiety I Got Results! Yea!


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I wanted to tell my hypnosis story and how it has dramatically reduced my GAD.


I have suffered from brutal anxiety for the past 8 years. Became an alcoholic trying to self medicate. Sobered up 2.5 years ago. Since becoming sober I have tried 5 antidepressants for anxiety with no results.  4 of them actually made my anxiety worse. My only relief has been Gabapentin or Ativan.


So I started hypnosis sessions with a hypnotist who only sees anxiety patients here in Dallas. He suffered form anxiety in his youth so he gets it unlike most normies. I have seen him for weekly for 5 months for sessions, and in addition do self hypnosis once or twice daily.  I have seen at least a 70% reduction in my anxiety. It is especially noticeable in the mornings. Prior to hypnosis my morning anxiety was so bad I could hardly bear maintaining a coversation. I am now having mornings where my anxiety is barely noticeable. Some mornings my first thought about anxiety is that I am not having any anxiety. I actually have days that are relatively anxiety free. 


After my experiences with brutal tapers, horrible side effects, and no results from antidressants (Celexa, Lexapro, Zoloft, and Mirtazipine) to say I am pleased with hypnosis is an understatement.

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