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Can't stop smoking


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For past maybe month or so I can't stop smoking cigarettes. It's starting to bother me. I use to be on Wellbutrin and didn't smoke while I was on that and I looked it up and it said Wellbutrin can help you quit smoking. Should I try and ask my psychiatrist about this or just deal with the smoking since I have to add another med.

May 2017 Zyprexa 15mg Citalopram 20mg

August 2020-Started zig zag  tapering(example: 15mg to 11.25 for a few days then back up to 15 then back down again)-> March 2021

March 2021-October many failed cold turkey attempts, some as long as a week or two before reinstating 15mg zyprexa/20mg citalopram

Aprox. November 10th-December 16th >failed cross taper to Rexulti 2mg and Sertraline 100mg. Cross taper aborted.


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