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Tingling/paresthesias/panic attacks


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I apologize if this has been asked before, but I have searched the forum and not found the answer.


I am recently into my 6th week of being off of antidepressants. I tried a reinstatement of buspar 5 days ago, but had a huge flare up of symptoms and stopped after two days. Specifically, the "pins and needles/tingling" was only occurring in my scalp, was only mild and occurring at night time and my anxiety had lessened to some degree before trying to reinstate. Now, I am experiencing pins and needles more frequently and in more areas. I am also getting panic attacks out of nowhere. My doctor seems particularly concerned about the tingling and is sending me for a neuro consult. Has anyone else had a similar experience? 


My mind is of course going to worst-case scenarios (Multiple sclerosis), but I also did not have the tingling before I started antidepressants, which leads me to believe that this is just withdrawal symptoms.


thank you for any feedback,



2003-2009 on and off various SSRI's for short periods, Ativan prn

2010-2011 Ativan, up to 3mg/day - tapered off without issue

2013-2021 ativan 1-1.5mg 10-12x/month, daily starting Oct 21 to help with buspar withdrawal symptoms

2016 - Effexor 75mg

2021 Mar -Jun Buspar ADR at high dose, tapered 3 months

2021 Aug Wellbutrin 150mg for 5 days (ADR), then MIrtazapine 7.5mg for 7 days (ADR)

Oct 22/21 - Direct switch from ativan to clonazepam, then started immediate taper 


10/31/21.25mg, 02/01/22 .134mg 02/08/22 .121mg  02/15/22 .108mg 02/22/22 .096mg 03/22/22 .087mg 04/22/22 .072mg 05/22/22 .062mg 06/22/22 .053mg 07/22/22 .046mg  08/22/22 .039mg 09/22/22 .032mg 10/22/22 .03mg 11/22/22 .0265mg 12/22/22 .0235mg 01/22/23 .0205mg 02/22/23 0.0175mg 04/19/23 0mg!


Supplements: omega-3, mag-glycinate, vitamin D, vitamin C, multivitamin


"Believe that your tragedies, your losses, your sorrows, your hurt, happened for you, not to you. And I bless the thing that broke you down and cracked you open, because the world needs you open" Rebecca Campbell


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