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Red Light Therapy


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A forum search reveals this has been mentioned very few times on this forum.


There's a growing body of research on red light's effects on specific dysfunctions and multiple health factors for people in general. Studies have been done on improved sleep, tinnitus, neural survival, neurogenesis, neuroplasticity and similarly relevant issues.


I've also come across very many mostly positive anecdotal reviews on webshops. Healing time, placebo effect and general sentiment or fake markering could explain that though.


With regards to withdrawal both specific effects and general health effects may be of interest.


Up until recently research amount and equipment prices have not been supportive of red light therapy for most but that is changing.


It can still be too costly and dishonestly marketed.


Like many things when you hear about them at first they seem like something weird people on the internet do - fasting, avoiding sugar, constantly varying their exercise routine, etc but like the stuff listed it can actually be useful though sounding weird at first and a decade later it's fairly common. Is red light therapy such a thing?


If one considers morning or evening light as red then exposure to red light has a natural background which gives it credibility with regards to not disturbing the body more than it helps.


Arguably we are also artificially under exposed to this type of light by not walking around nude outside at those hours while still getting other light during the day.


In the science very specific wave lengths but not it's neighbours are correlated with specific effects. The extreme degree of specificity leaves some questions unanswered but the experimental results are what they are.


At least it appears so far to not hurt more than your time and wallet if eye protection is worn. 


While you might be able to get red light therapy naturally depending on location and climate for many specific indoor therapy at a saloon or cheaper at home with a bought red light panel is more convenient. Then you can also regulate precise wattages and wavelengths according to scientific experiments. It's perfectly matched with 10 minutes of meditation, relaxation or even mental exercise.


I'm intrigued but not convinced. Worth a try?

A week of oxazepam 10mg with 1 day of zopiclone 7.5mg and concurrent Zyprexa totalling: 10mg 25 days , 7.5mg 18 days, 5mg 14 days, 2.5mg 11 days,  10x0mg + 4x1mg. Very bad condition reinstated: zyprexa 7.5mg zopiclone 8.5mg, 25mg Propiomazine. Next day 5mg Z. Then 6 months taper to nothing but Zyprexa and 0.0mg again. 6 days 0mg. Reinstated 0.12mg x2 days. 23 june: 0.25mg. 29 june: 0.12mg. 8th and 9th july 2020 also tried 0.375mg Melatonin. 9 july 0.16mg. Made an error of judgement in august and was forced on various drugs in hospital mainly landing on: Abilify injections + pills for a daily total of 5-15 mg (for 2½ month) + zyprexa 3 days of 10mg mostly 2.5mg but started cheating. 14 oct 2020 only zyprexa and due to cheating earlier able to go 0.31mg! 30 oct 0.21mg, 13 nov 0.14mg, 28 nov 0.10mg, 14 dec 0.07mg, 04 jan 2021 0.035mg, 25 jan 0.017mg, 4 feb 2021 0.000 mg


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