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Annb550: Introduction - citalopram and Seroquel


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My name is Ann, I am new here.

•I have been taking 10 mg of Citalopram since June 7, 2021
•I am also taking a tiny dose of Seroquel for sleep. 
• I would like to taper off both (not at the same time). 
•I am extremely sensitive to these meds and would like to learn how others taper. 

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Hi @Annb550 and welcome to SA.


Please create a drug history in your signature with amounts, starts, stops and changes.


If you've been on a steady 10mg citalopram since June that's simple - can you please add it to your sig along with the same info for quetiapine.


Usually we recommend tapering the most activating drug first and the most sedating last, one at a time.  My sense is that you might wish to taper the citalopram first, but we can be clearer on that once we see your drug history.


Sometimes it makes sense to alternate a bit and find a balance say if you were getting too sleepy in the day, start tapering a bit of quetiapine until that eases, then another round of the citalopram.


There is a lot of info here to avail yourself of while you plan and carry out your taper.  Some topics you might find handy:


and a whole bunch more at 



My taper visualised as a graph   |   My intro thread

I am not a health professional - your actions are your own

NB: I do not do tapering support via private message


Backdrop:  10mg olanzapine 2003-06.  3mg risperidone 2006-2014.  Abortive x-taper to aripiprazole Dec 2014, back to 10mg olanzapine after 3 weeks.

2015:  10 -> 7 1/2 -> 6 2/3 -> 5mg olanzapine using pill cutter

2018:  Finer taper liquid suspension 5mg to 2.5 Mar-Aug and hold

2019: Jan 2.5 | Eostre EMDR@2.1mg | Jul 1.625 | Oct 1.3

2020: Jan 1.214 | Apr 0.88 | July 0.69 | Oct 0.525

2021: EMDR all year Jan 0.44 | Apr 0.38 | Jul 0.26 | 2 Oct 0.205 | 3 Oct ->0mg

"Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country did to you"  -- KMFDM

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