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Whey protein isolate and protein powder / shakes


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Whey protein isolate


Does anyone have experience with whey protein isolate?   I'm experiencing akathisia after tapering wrongly from mirtazapine (I updosed when I shouldn't have to 1.68 mg).  Before I read the warnings here about Point of Care products I spent $100 buying their whey protein isolate.   Just wondering if it would be calming to my akathisia or too stimulating?

Does anyone have experience with that with akathisia?


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2010-2020 Ambien 2.5 0 5 mg occasionally -2 to 4 times a week

March3 2020 Akathisia from taking azithromycin and nausea meds .  Started propanolol 10 -40 mg a day and ambien 10 mg a day

May - August 2020 Akathisia treatments:  Klonopin 0.125 mg -0.25 mg x 6 wks

  mirtazapine 7.5 mg , propranolol 10-20 mg,  lunesta 2-3 mg  Benztropine 0.5 

August 2020.  Started tapering Mirtazapine. February 2022:  Mirt down to 1.42  

March 2022.  Updosed to 1.46 mg.  Allowed compounded bottle of mirtazapine to get too concentrated.  Started having akathisia, shaking , tingling when I switched to new less concentrated bottle.  Went to Dr who told me to updose to 1.7 mg.  Updosed  approx. March 23.  Burning in arms and feet, akathisia 
April 2022. Mirtazapine 1.7 mg, Ambien 2.5 mg.  Occasional Propranolol 10-30 mg,  Rescue dose as needed Klonopin 0.125 mg.    Continued Akathisia 

Supplements:  milk peptides, tart cherry, fish oil. Calcium, magnesium and zinc, 

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