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Natalou40: Wanting to taper Zyprexa and later Viibryd


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Here's my story:  Looking to wean down off zyprexa and eventually ziibryd (SSRI), I have only been on these kind of meds since Aug 2021.  Hoping to get off sooner than later.  Battling some anxiety, restlessness and feeling numb, no emotion, not who I was before all this happened.  Peace!


I got Covid in August 2021, didn't sleep the whole time I had it.  About 10-12 days in I went into what they call psychosis.  I told people in the Emergency Room that God took His Spirit from me, I tried to jump out of the car, had severe severe anxiety at that time too.  The ER put me out and I woke up the next day, they admitted me to the mental health floor.  They put me on numerous drugs, so many I can't remember them all.  I was sleeping at night due to the heavy medications, I was still agitated and battled anxiety.  I know one medicine I was on was risperidone, resteril, a sleeping medicine and adavan as needed for anxiety.  I was there for 7-8 days and then release to home.  I was then seen by family doctor, she knew me because we lived in same neighborhood, she could tell I wasn't myself.  She then wanted to ween me off of the risperidone, over the course of a week.  That drug was horrible and I my body didn't like coming off of it, so much so that I was scared of people including my own family, I felt like I was on the "bad side".  Had suicidal thoughts.  I then was sent to another ER and went to a mental health facility and was there for 3 weeks.  I was on risperidone and zoloft and mid way they switched me to zyprexa.  After 3 weeks I got discharged and started 20 mg zyprexa in October and 150mg zoloft.  I was also give trazadone for sleep if I needed it, well I quit taking that because the zyprexa helped with sleep.  I have been at home since October and am now on 5mg of Zyprexa and 20 mg viibryd.  I take several supplements- vitamin C, Magnesium, zinc, B complex, vitamin D3, omega 3 fish oil.  My gut health probably isn't where it should be.  Really do good to exercise everyday and eat healthy for the most part.  I have to force myself to exercise.  I used to really enjoy working out,  hiking and etc.  I have not felt myself since this whole thing started.  I don't have any real desires, emotion.  Looking to wean off zyprexa even more.


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1st paragraph copied from a second (almost) duplicate post

August 2021 admitted to hospital and sedated after bout with covid and no sleep for 10 plus days...

Given respiradone, resteril, mental floor x1wk; at home weened off risperadone, back to another mental institution,  put on 20 MG zyprexa October and 150mg zoloft

Out mental institution 2nd wk October

Tapered down zyprexa 15 MG Nov

Tapered down 10mg zyprexa Dec and up 200mg zoloft

Tapered down zyprexa 5mg, changed zoloft to ziibryd

Currently on 5mg zyprexa, ziibryd 20mg

On several supplements: zinc, vitamin C, curcumin, vitamin D3, B complex, omega 3, Magnesium

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Hi @Natalou40


Welcome to SA. 


This is your page where you will receive information, ask questions and meet member like yourself. We ask that each member only have 1 page so we can keep all your information in one place.


Thank you very much for creating a signature. That helps us see what medications you have been on on what you are on now.


I'm very sorry for the situation you were in. I'm sure it was very scary. I'm glad that you are over that part and moving on.


I'm going to give you some links to read.


Before you begin tapering what you need to know


Why taper by 10% of my dosage?


Dr Joseph Glenmullen's WD Symptoms Checklist


What is Withdrawal Syndrome?


Brain Remodelling


Fear, terror, panic, and anxiety


Digestive problems:  Nausea, Diarrhoea, Bloating, GERD


Once you feel like you are stable and ready to taper off, I would start with the Viibryd, not the Zyprexa. The Zyprexa will help with the Viibryd tapering.




I also noticed that you are on a B Vitamin. They can be stimulating to some members.



Once you have read the links I provided to you, especially about tapering off Viibryd and Zyprexa, please reach out to us so we can answer any questions you may have.


Welcome to SA. I'm glad you found us.

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PREVIOUS medications and discontinuations: Have been on medications since 1996. 

 Valium, Gabapentin, Lamictal, Prilosec and Zantac from 2000 to 2015 with a fast taper by a psychiatrist.

 Liquid Lexapro Nov, 2016 to 31-March, 2019 Lexapro free!!! (total Lexapro taper was 4 years-started with pill form)

---CURRENT MEDICATIONS:Supplements:Milk Thistle, Metamucil, Magnesium Citrate, Vitamin D3, Levothyroxine 25mcg, Vitamin C, Krill oil.

Xanax 1mg 3x day June, 2000 to 19-September, 2020 Went from .150 grams (average weight of 1 Xanax) 3x day to .003 grams 3x day.

19-September, 2020 Xanax free!!! (total Xanax taper was 15-1/2 months-1-June, 2019-19-September, 2020)

I am not a medical professional.

The suggestions I make are based on personal experience.

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