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A site where peers have experience in tapering nefazodone


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In August of 2020 the sole manufacturer of nefazodone, Teva, put it in shortage.  It did not return to the market until December of 2021.  Users of the medication were forced to taper rapidly or go cold turkey.  With a lack of available information users turned to support groups for helps.  I am an admin of one of those support groups.  We are a small group, but have had experience in tapering off of nefazodone.  Anyone is free to join if you are looking for help and what others have experienced.  It is a Facebook Group called "Nefazodone Shortage Survivors and Support".  Here is the link:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/nefazodone1

As a note Altostrata approved for me to post this.

Current meds since 1999:  200mg zoloft, 600mg nefazodone.

Had to do rapid taper in March 2021 of nefazodone from 600mg to 200mg over 4 weeks due med shortage.

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