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Unjustified use and overdrugging with antipsychotics in nursing homes


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UPDATED: Inspections find problems at two San Fernando Valley nursing homes


By Susan Abram, Staff Writer


Posted: 07/18/2012 07:12:03 PM PDT

Updated: 07/19/2012 09:43:58 AM PDT


Residents at two San Fernando Valley nursing homes suffered from untreated bedsores, were at risk of contracting infections or were drugged when they didn't have to be, according to state inspection reports released this week by a nonprofit advocacy group.


The Motion Picture Television Fund in Woodland Hills and the Tarzana Health and Rehabilitation Center in Tarzana were two local nursing homes among 14 statewide that were inspected recently by the state's Operation Guardians team, which works under the auspices of the state Attorney General's Office.


Among problems detailed in the findings were pressure ulcers that were allowed to fester, sloppy medical record keeping, overuse of antipsychotic drugs even though patients were not diagnosed with depression or mental illnesses, and infection-control problems.


"The findings in these nursing homes are shocking, disturbing and they are an indictment of the poor care of these particular nursing homes," said Michael Connors, spokesman for the California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform.


The group filed a state public records request to obtain the reports. The information can be found online at www.canhr.org/operationguardians.




At Tarzana Health and Rehabilitation Center, inspectors found that one patient was being given four different anti-psychotic medications for various mental issues, but there was no documented diagnosis of dementia or any mental illness.




He also said CANHR will continue to press state, county and local officials on the importance of consistent inspections. In addition, the group also will continue raising awareness about the misuse of anti-psychotic drugs.


"We've been making a federal case about that concern," Connors said. "The main challenge is there are so many people who are affected by the misuse of these drugs - 25,000 each day in California, and that doesn't even include assisted living facilities."







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