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I can't get mad anymore; else, it causes digestive issues.


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My digestive problems first started in 2012; I got a stressful job in a lab where I had to work 10hr  per day and had very little time to drink water. The job was more like servitude in a sweatshop. I was on 300mg of Bupropion.  Diverticulitis put me in the hospital for a week, with a month of stay-at-home care. The following year, the next attack placed me in the hospital for a week, then I endured a two-month recovery. Since then, if I have been under stress or get angry, my digestive issues come back. In 2017, my husband suggested that my antidepressants caused my digestive problems. Diverticulitis came back after I ate a lot of restaurant food one we when to visit family out of state. In late 2018, I started my taper.  

Just this week, I fought with my husband. After eating restaurant food, and quite a large quantity of sugar, I started to get the first symptoms of a diverticulitis attack. I'm at 22-mg of Bupropion.  

I'm wondering if I will ever heal my digestive system? It seems like stress or anger causes digestive issues. How can I live if I can't get angry or handle stress?


Does antidepressants destroy the digestive system? 


1997-1999 Xanax 

1999-2000 Slow taper off of Xanax nonsupportive by my 'doctor' at the time. 

2000- 2018 Burpropion, first at 75-mg, then 100-mg finally 300-mg. 

2012-2018- Experienced 'poop out symptoms: digestive issues, tumors, inability to tolerate stress, weight gain etc. 

2018 - decided to start a very slow taper.

2022- As of March 17, at 22-mg Bupropion daily.  


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