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Muscle aches and night mares


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I botched a taper and decreased my Zoloft by 25% over 8 days. I reinstated back to my original 50 mg as I was living a hellish night mare. Too many people depend on me and I was debilitated. Long story short, I’m making progress slowly over the last two weeks since reinstating. However, I do notice about 6 hours prior to my next dose, I have myalgia and muscle aches. I also have insomnia and night mares. I figured the night mares and insomnia were Zoloft related but the myalgia? Is this common? How long will it last? Ugh 😣 

1998- pediatric ocd dx 40 mg Prozac; 2006- trial of anafranil, failed back to Prozac; 2007- trial of paxil, few months, weight gain, cold turkey no issues, back to Prozac: 2008- panic disorder dx- .25-.5 mg Xanax prn, but developed dependence until 2017, cold turkeyd for pregnancy; 2009- Prozac; 2010-2012- Zoloft, fatigue, weight gain switch to Effexor; 2012-2013- Effexor with bad constipation issues

2013- Prozac, cold turkey, no issues until 4 months later, destabilized, then back to Effexor; 2013-2016- Effexor and Dexedrin;

2017- switch to lexapro, tried to cold turkey, ended up with bad panic attacks. Put on 50 mg pristiq. Quit benzos, quit Dexedrine ct

Now 2021- pristiq 50 mg with 50 mg ketamine troches x3 weekly, attempted taper in June cut by 50% in 3 days, nausea, panic

Late June, second attempt with compound ex to 45.5 mg, did for two weeks, depression/crying/fatigue, reinstated last week of June to 50 mg. Early July- now suffering nausea, headache, food sensitivity, depression, dizzy feelings, panic. Gave up on taper then
dec 2021- switched 50 mg Pristiq cross taper to 50 mg Zoloft

april 2022- on 4/3/22 decreased Zoloft from 50 to 37.5 mg over the course of 8 days

 4/11/22- having chills, nausea, body aches, and panic attack. Re-instated to 45 mg. Praying to stabilize and taper responsibly later. 

4/12/22-reinstated completely back to 50 mg

5/4- residual muscle aches and night mares with panic at night continuing. Hope this gets better

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