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Increase in antidepressants prescribed in UK in 2021-22 - half a million more adults in a year


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Despite the UKs leading clinical evidence based advisor (NICE) recommending other alternative interventions the ‘prescription pad’ still seems to be the supposed answer to our nation’s distress, anguish and suffering.



On Prozac 15mg from mid 90s to November 16 for low mood and anxiety.

2016 had enough of poor sleep, put on Mirtazapine 15mg. Sleep improved a lot.

Tried one very slow taper in 2018 (as per your guidelines) but at around 9mg sleep once again a big issue. Returned to higher dose.

2019/2020 increasing high anxiety and non-engagement with life.

Feb 15th 2021 put on Lexapro 10mg. Severe anxiety as a reaction to changing drugs, stopped Lexapro and returned to Mirtazapine 15mg to restabilise.

Anxiety affecting most areas of life now.

August 21 started 5% monthly taper off Mirtazapine 15mg: Aug 21, 14.3mg; Sep 21, 13.5mg; Oct 21, 12.8mg; Nov 21, 12.2mg; Dec 21, 11.6mg; Jan 22, 11.0mg.

January 22 stabilising at 11mg as WD symptoms started again. July 22 now at 8.2mg. 

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