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I am really having a hard time with all of this. I am losing weight fast, down to 104 pounds. I’m eating small healthy meals all day long, but am still loosing. The anxiety is crushing, I try to fight it but the fear and anxiety are winning. I seem to be getting worse not better. I don’t know what else to do. I  had tachycardia, then found out I was histamine intolerant. Cutting out histamine foods has helped that. I am sensitive to supplements. I am scared. I’m not afraid of dying, but I am scared of THIS. Why am I getting worse? Why am I not seeing any signs of healing? Did any of you get worse for months before seeing improvement? So many questions. Thanks for listening. I really need to talk to someone who has been thru this. Thanks!

Paxil 2008 20mg 2016 40mg feb 21 2022  20mg, feb 28 0mg April 23 20mg April 24 40mg April 26 20mg April 27 10mg April 28 0mg May 7 10mg May 17 0mg

Duloxitine Feb. 21, ‘22-30mg feb 28 60mg March 14 0mg April 21. 30mg April 26 60mg April 28 30mg am/60mg pm May 7 60mg am currently still on

Lexapro 2022 April 14 5 mg April 18 10m

April 21 0mg

Trazodone April 24 50mg 

Currently on 60mg dulox and 50mg Trazadone 

taking hydroxyzine and xanax as needed

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