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Electrolyte Drink Recipe


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Since electrolyte balance can be a problem during withdrawal and things like Gatorade and other commercial products may not be tolerated due to artificial ingredients and too much sugar (I can't drink any of them) I have taken to using a homemade recipe that my nutritionist sent me. I use no sugar added apple juice, no sugar added cranberry juice, lemon juice, and salt. I make ice cubes out of the apple and cranberry juice and keep them in a bag in the freezer.


16 oz glass

2 apple juice cubes

1 cranberry juice cube

pinch of salt

splash of lemon juice

fill remaining space in glass with water


All ingredients are low histamine / anti-histamine and as long as you buy products with nothing artificial it works. This provides potassium and sodium and vitamin C as well as other nutrients.


If you want to try it I suggest trying the individual ingredients first to make sure you are good to go and then give it a try. You might like it or you may find it absolutely disgusting. I happen to like it.


There are lots of similar recipes online that you can use with things like pomegranate juice, etc. This is just the one that I like.


I start out every day with this drink. In the morning I also add to it 1 teaspoon of pure psylium fiber husk for a fiber boost as well as 1/4 teaspoon crushed ginger for gut motility. Much better than Metamucil and other commercial products that have coloring's and other artificial ingredients.

Current Psychiatric Medications

  1. Paxil 10mg daily (a.m.) 2017 - Present
  2. Carbamazepine 400mg daily (split half a.m. and half p.m.) 2011 - Present

Recently Stopped Psychiatric Medications

  1. Seroquel - Tapered from 700mg to 0mg From April 2018 to August 2021 - Final Dose 6.25mg - In Recovery

Past Psychiatric Medications From 1994 to April 2018 -  Depakote, Lithium, Risperidone, Xanax, Lamotrigene, Olanzapine, Lorazepam, Welbutrin, Trazodone, Oxazepam, Gabapentin, Abilify, Topiramate, Prazosin, Ambien (See Attached Spreadsheet And Seroquel Tapering And WIthdrawal Summary)

Current Non Psychiatric Medications Levothyroxine 88mcg (a.m.)-Vitamin D3 1000 IU (p.m.)-Fexofenadine 180 mg twice daily -Metoprolol 25mg (p.m.)-Azelastine Nasal Spray-Ipratropium Bromide Nasal Spray

Other - Fish Oil Twice Daily-Multi-Vitamin (a.m.)-Vitamin C 1000mg Daily (a.m.)-Saline Nasal Spray-Benadryl-Salsalate 750mg twice daily PRN, Diclofenac Gel on affected joint PRN-Magnesium Citrate 125mg twice dailyQuitting Seroquel_A Vacation In Hell_Redacted.pdf

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